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Why Pedal Lock?

A solution for bike riders

Bike riders with generic single-purpose pedals must either wrap their cable locks around their bike frames or carry them in a backpack. With all that fuss, it’s no surprise that the number one reason bikes are stolen is simply because they are left unlocked.

Easy and fun to use

Statistically, the number one location for bike theft is outside of convenience stores. People don’t like going through the whole locking and unlocking processes when they’re only stepping away for a couple minutes, so they take a chance they soon regret. In short, bike theft is a crime of convenience. Opportunists see an unlocked bike and they take it. With Pedal Lock it’s so easy and fun to use, riders are more likely to lock their bike.

Your perfect security addition

In cities where experts recommend using multiple lock combinations when leaving a bike for an extended period, Pedal Locks are the perfect security addition when coupled with other locks.

Kid tested and Parent Approved!

Pedal Locks are kid tested and parent approved! Children love the way the cable locks zip in and out of their pedal. Imagine Spider Man’s web or Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso! Locking their bike is fun now! In the past, parents worried about their kids leaving their bikes unlocked, and someone stealing it. Parents can rest easy knowing their kid can’t forget it, lose it, or wait to use it!

Global Interest

Pedal Lock has received a lot of interest from college kids, bike rental, bike sharing, and bike touring companies across the globe. All of these riders stop and go frequently, which makes Pedal Locks the perfect pedals for their bikes.

Exclusive Rights

The market for Pedal Lock is as big as the bicycle industry itself. If the world is given the choice, a large portion will choose Pedal Lock over traditional one-purpose pedals. We need a partner that can give that choice to the world. The company that does that will have exclusive rights to a series of amazing products with unlimited marketability!

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