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Pedal Lock goes viral!

After just 30 days, with over 2.1 Million FB views, and a couple live television appearances, we have raised nearly $32k via Kickstarter! We could not have done it without you! 
The great news is because of all the attention Pedal Lock has received, distributors and investors from countries all over the world have expressed enough interest in Pedal Lock that we can begin manufacturing! 
Our engineers and manufacturers are going to start working on the final molds and prototypes very soon, and we should be able to deliver by May, 2016. 
We appreciate your support, and even though we are ending the Kickstarter campaign to focus directly, you can still pre-order them on
If you are a distributor please contact
If you are an investor please contact
We can not thank you all enough, but we are going to try. If you have backed us, we have posted your name on our website's  "Thank You" page. Anyone else who purchases before January 15th, 2016 will also have their name added. 
We look forward to providing Pedal Lock to the world! Thank you so much for your support!
Best regards,
Ryan and Tom
"Why pedal anything else?"