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Durability - Pedal Lock


Pedal Locks are made with a 33-inch-long, 2.4 MM thick, galvanized steel aircraft cable with rubberized cut and kink resistant coating that requires professional tools to cut. The casing is water-resistant, there is grip on both sides of the pedal, it comes with a reflector, a combination wheel cover, and the combination can even be reset each time before using so you can share your bike with fewer worries!

Apps and Notifications

Pedal Lock, LLC also owns a series of in-pedal technology utility patents such as: alarms, text notification if your bike has been tampered with, GPS to help locate your bike, and even self-powering pedal charging.

Intellectual Property

With our intellectual property rights and the right partner, we are ready to change pedals forever!

Join the 10,000+ customers that are already interested in Pedal Lock!

Pedal Lock is not currently available to the public. We are in the process of establishing a licensing partner within the industry.

We will let you know as soon as Pedal Lock hits the market. Thanks again!