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Traditional locks are time-consuming and easy to forget and lose. People have to store their locks around the frame of their bikes, attach them to carriers, or throw them in their backpacks. 


With all the fuss it's no surprise that the number one reason bikes are stolen is because they are simply left unlocked. Statistically, the number one location for bike theft in the United States is outside of convenience stores. People don't like going through the whole locking process when they're just stepping away for a couple minutes.  


The Pedal Lock is an efficient solution to this dilemma. With the Pedal Lock you simply pull it out and lock it up. Two steps and done. After you are finished, you just unlock it and it zips back in automatically. One step and done.


The Pedal Lock is currently made with a 33 inch long, 2.4 MM thick galvanized steel aircraft cable with our rubberized cut and kink resistant coating. Although cables like this are already being used by other lock makers, ours is the first and only retractable lock conveniently housed inside the pedal.


Replace your ordinary pedal with a Pedal Lock and you will never have to worry about losing or forgetting your lock again. Set your easy to remember combination as many times as you like.


The Pedal Lock is kid tested and parent approved. Children love how the Pedal Lock zips in and out. Locking their bike is fun now. Children can't forget it, lose it, or wait to use it!


In cities where experts recommend multiple lock combinations, the Pedal Lock is the perfect security addition when coupled with other locks. 


Together with our engineers, manufacturer, and development team, we have fine tuned the Pedal Lock and the final production version is amazing! We have added several improvements: water resistant casing, grip on both sides, reflectors, combo cover, and more... 


Pedal Lock was invented by Ryan Hensley when he was 21 years old. He received his patent in 2011, and he currently holds several other patents as well. Ryan and Tom Muller (CFO and Co-Founder) have worked hard with their engineers to perfect Pedal Lock. With the feedback of bicycle riders across the globe, Pedal Lock has become an amazing product that makes life easier for riders of all ages.