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Utility Patents Now Available For License!

Pedal Lock LLC is looking for an industry partner to license our patents - locks, alarms, GPS, self-powering pedal charging, and more in-pedal technology. See U.S. Utility Patents 8,196,945 and 9,604,695 for reference.

There are over a billion bicycles on Earth with about 100 million more being manufactured each year. What do they all have in common? The same generic single-purpose pedals. For over 200 years, bike pedals have served one purpose and one purpose only – pedaling.

Until now! Pedal Locks house a retractable steel cable lock conveniently inside the pedal where a rider can’t lose it or forget it.

Pedal Lock has been featured on major news channels and publications across the globe. Our Facebook video received over 2.1 million views! The world has seen and decided that it loves Pedal Lock! Generic pedals are a thing of the past. Why pedal anything else?